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Hoarding Chainsaw (The Innervenus Music Collective 2013)

   Cannibalistic Tendencies offering the insane minds and serial killer seeds to not obeying satanic cult but surely, be trusted to their own free-will to love to deep hard and to hate mankind too much wrapped within the Grindcore/Death Metal blending music composed by the Portland’s group crew named Grisly Amputation as Chris Dissell on drums, guitarist Garrett Twardesky or vocalist/growler Rob Grisly may causing the sudden heart attacks toward your parents and grandparents like a single snap of deader killing formats whilst the entry opening thoughts to now consuming the flesh of human would stuck inside your brain cell after the forcible acts from someone serving the over-cooked menus off the dead victims collecting over the around thus silent valley hitchhiking people – chopped and tortures before meet their doom as live shines leaving the body long time ago but ended up in a dirty fridge. 

   Mighty growling vocals and the lyrics that little less understood at first contacting the listeners witnessing the gore momentum and artworks facing to the minimalist/destructive tracks like Implement of Rectitude, Liquefaction Necrosis, Scraping The Resin From Your Lungs and Woodshed Wet Dreams – are lucky enough to covering the record mastered by Mark Palmieri to have a chance going inside your catalog shelf as morbid collections.