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Hello Kitty (Mint Records 1993)

   Permanently, formed by the trio of female Punk-Pop personnel: Lisa Marr, Robynn Iwata and Valeria Fellini recording the self-written releasing debut on their own interpretation about Pop-Alternative and Grunge Cuddle-core as Cub releasing this album of Betti-Cola being spreads to the music stores on Indie Rock similarity sounds like your favorite Japanese group Shonen Knife with more catchy tunes made to Pop-Rock stories to tell through the White Bear or Black Bear and White Sun or Black Sun sides as a trio that seems to be looked interesting on stage singing the softer solemn songs such as Little Star, Backwoods, Pretty Pictures onto Lucky 7 or A Picnic; perhaps – would opens your interest towards these fine local Vancouver-based girl-band for the good collection music taken their ways off the ninety-three era posts, exposed in happiness for the weekend’s fun tunes non-rejected.