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Hateygutsdotcom (Exotic Fever 2005)

   Actress turning to singer or reversed but Gina Young who was born in Washington D.C really got her Punk-Rock based of skeptic point of views seeing the world around her to a talent for written down all those non-pleasures or protesting lyrics from her own minds to sharing them outside the box as an Indie-Pop musician via Folk-Rock, Hip-Hop electro and Rn’B in distinguished disgusts in a group or solo projects like this one on She’s So Androgynous. 

   Just like the essential version of The Breeders minus the loud distortion and too much angst but youth energy for banging your stereo within Accidents, Straw House, An Open Letter to The President and I Picture You; one needs to check out how an urban voicemail has becoming a record package for this gorgeous independent music that pops. 

She's So Androgynous: