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Hardest Love Song (Interscope Records 2011)

   Further higher by the causes in order to wrote down the rest of the history rest on his DNA as Michael Wayne Atha was a Gadsen, Alabama born with Caucasian mixed Cherokee descent reference himself as the speaker for his native roots and childhood story experience tales through the love for Hip-Hop/Rap in between – choosing his stage name as Yelawolf as you know it; knowing about some parts of Baton Rouge, Atlanta to Antioch (Tennessee) as an avid skateboarder and professional career due to the injuries turning points as local rapper and did received good attentions from the scene independently, mixtapes making before becoming the real Yelawolf for Hip-Hop ambassador USA when his record release – Radioactive pops into the mainstream world. 

Experimenting with most of the roots Hip-Hop and Rap sounds, writing lyrics about daily lives, issues of the nation and romance to the streets picture of united states and collaborates with some good linked artists on the works given the experimental fusion of chemical reaction and explosion beating your hearing sense intensively, interesting to listen not just for thinking serious but as well partying hard. 

   Drink and let the good time rolls or don’t judge but make the best out of yourself so people can see and take the advantages via positive vibes send from the tunes such as Hard White (Up in The Club), Throw It Up, Good Girl, Made in The U.S.A, Animal, Slumerican Shitizen onto Get Away as well as Everything I Love The Most goes even farther being likes by many audience from sort of different ages but the parental label did really meaning that this Rap recording is also dangerous in a good seminal commercial way !