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Hard There Find (Bandcamp 2016)

   Apologize might be or not be accepted as surfacing month of silence explodes by the meaningless sounds blending from the Electronic Synthwave 80’s and Grindcore-Pop spreading the addictive discoteque project over The Breakup Album made to be released by streaming crew hailed straight from Toronto, Ontario known as GirlsNames; as you hang-up on the irresistible disturbing ex-boyfriend calls with bullshit words to comes back after you getting plastic surgery, getting too famous and totally, gorgeous as most male human did to impressing stupid females back into their pathetic arms of the filth. 

No more enslaving towards fashionable desires and this written records owed music and lyrics to Adam as well as Shandra and Emily going forward making trouble within their good excessive parts of the music path as shorter musical songs meant to be a lesson in learn for many silly souls of women out there and the nerds to taking over the global war via bad items and vibes of tunes just like In Our Hearts, Need You There, Flash Of Light as well as Alone really means accompanied mission to the staying late people – begins to love or hate the stay going awhile directions where nobody would try-out giveth and buying tracks business. 

The Breakup Album: