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Hand Of Judgement ? (Self-Released 2007)

   Subside or resides not to get too twisted without left causes feedback rough skits and great screaming owned vocals shits the realm of reality fake-ness of the globe figured out cites for originality by Brothers – the Michigan Hardcore with no further introductions for the membership which always free deciding and told the audience how to listening while slam-dancing in the painful mosh-pit stage furious as the connections build between the band and the listeners as rough as remaining choice through-out this Black Friday high quality and Grand Rapids street-style crusher music onto Punk-Hardcore and Old-School sparkling Nu-School too as man fighting the tiger claws – the words of wisdom curing the days of depression and broken as Brothers curves blasting sounds shaken the stereo. 

   Fast dangerous punchy riffs and slower heaviest head-bangs take turns to accompanying your sadder moments of non-belongings as every single thing left for good and one feels all alone but War At Home, Trapped, Day One, Never Again to Strength In Numbers or The Destroyer really caught fitting how the lesser-known heroes local can helps one getting through the personal problems not running anymore but facing, fought until you fucking bleed and perhaps, win.

Black Friday: