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Hamburger Woman (Downfall Records 2000)

   Jan Ivan, Stefan Charappa, Kostica to Basia Bulat the female shedder are your perfect underground Grindcore crust group whose going to ruin your stereo system as Cad or C.A.D as you might fucking prefer to call them perhaps, did brutal delivers in condemnation about all un-satisfaction crossing their lives where Svaty Jur or entire Slovakia would feel towards the destruction formed because of the short anarchy and economy collapses causing by the end of cold war prejudice and the rest of fallen of eastern Europe into poor countries mostly. 
   You can hear clearly, aloud and extreme to several protesting lyrics and themes targeting the western world as Punk As Piss, Destroy NATO Bastards, On Your Heads and even The Beginning of The End, Just Let Me Rot, Solitude and Greeting From Hiroshima to McAmerican Shit Dream forfeit all the belongings dying breed and the next espionage wars coming to the region as how further will Grindcore did proper treatments to blast your ignorant and fucking corporate capitalistic minds away to thin air for good means that mainstream should always be poisoning by thus Extreme Grind Metal attacks more than Requiem For Tarkan to March of Machines makes the listeners feeling uncomfortable – listening for these twenty-three Deadnation recording tracks as fuck as total pissing Slovakian meant them on fucking payback destroying your social establishment modern life after theirs.