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Gruber’s Gerrard (Decca Records 2015)

   Comedy and adventure of the tales living honey bear character named Paddington would stuck in your children’s mind for good since the voice and the funny awkward moments and the honest story tells us about how a little bear – Paddington goes out leaving his deep jungle of Peru where a geographer found out the family of rare bears whom intelligent enough to learn English and loves marmalade become attached since but long later then, after an earthquake hits the bears area leaving Uncle Pastuzo died and Aunt Lucy tells their nephew to go to London and find solace there in a cargo ship; meeting the brown family on the Paddington station as temporarily took home by them and named Paddington. 
Devoted risk analyst father Henry Brown, Mary the illustrator wife and two children with a housekeeper Mrs. Bird becomes Paddington new family before he must finding the explorer of the peru expedition which nowhere to be found on the internet. Infiltrates the Geographers Guild archives after seeing the stamp relates to that event in an antique shop with Mary; Paddington finally, got a chance to phone booking for the address of Mr. Clyde in London but the greedy lady Millicent Clyde – the museum taxidermist only loved to kills and stuffed the exotic animals to the Natural History Museum aware about Paddington and immediately, hunts him down as the brown family went away and the bear is all alone at home. 
   Good animated movie with such a tremendous plot to bare as bear which also provides the scoring original soundtrack musical album by Nick Urata written thus Marmalade Harvest, Arrival in London, Duel with Facilities, This Will Do Nicely, Thief Chase to Millicent Invasion goes instrumentally interesting as well as various artist picked background songs like James Brown’s I Got You (I Feel Good), Steppenwolf’s Born to be Wild or Lionel Richie sang Hello or Gwen Stefani/Pharrell did with Shine; for continuing of how Paddington manage to Escape From Millicent as the wicked Clyde not just Ringing Doorbells for the ninety-five minutes of the film duration to capture the little bear in his blue raincoat. 
Tracking down the passed out Montgomery Clyde house but found out that Millicent is his daughter whose eager to becoming richer after stuffing a Peruvian bear as she tranquilizing Paddington but the Brown family comes to the rescue and subdue Millicent with marmalade sandwich and flocks of distracting pigeons, trapping her later on a flagpole and the Browns allowed Paddington to be their part of family while the evil lady sentenced by the community service and petting zoo.