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Greed Calamity (Monotype Records 2016)

   There’s something comes out from many countries as weirder as they’re different completely from the trends just like this music performance from our Melbourne, Australia which confronting the audiences with their visible wildly surrealism of Hip-Hop experimental like the first time it was being converted itself to be an Alternative Rap back to the early nineties. 

   Fast rhyming lyrics revolver mouth or the odd-sounds and samplings and things that you might have a moment for raising your eye-brows a bit longer for the exotic, friendly, traditional and world-wide music for these multi-cultural group of background diverse from Maltese, Macedonian, India, Maori and Pakistani) named Curse Ov Dialect releasing the album: Twisted Strangers zonked-out and back after year of hiatus over these seventeen tracks with special guests like Samuel T. Herring, Skinwalker, Lloyd Honeybrook, Kaigen or Stormtrap from Palestine trying to reclaiming the Brotherhood of Hip-Hop/Electronic and Abstract Rap music over the pacific with Return of Them All, Defy and Decay, Wisdom Transformation feat. Skinwalker and Lloyd Honeybrook, Superheroes, Legend of Leigh Bowery, Truth by Selection and Mystery Door feat. Agrius Rhymus. 

Whole of Nothing (are everything) to this collaborations, mate ! 

Twisted Strangers: