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Gambas Birras Mongol (Mostrissimo Records 2004)

   Crazed for the Surf-Rock and Lucha-wrestling incomplete mission furies for these wilder hot-rods crew of quartet from Mexico DF members: Crunchy, Sr Ramirez, Reverendo and Warpig or Lopez, Moragues, Franco and Munoz writing their slicing noisy rocks off socks shows over the second lesser electrifying tunes by progress of distorted mid-tempo and Punk-Pop based riffs, bass-lines and drumming as groovy thrilling as enjoyable for the bloody hell extreme beaches and rocky waves coral reefs area to beware of the jaws of death and the death fallen into swirling ocean rages but girls booty Latinas and blondes, cold drinks, beers and alcohols may coloring the cloudy skies as energetic music from Lost Acapulco brings back the rhythms over the west-sided tropical place and tourists a better views to dance silly and sexually, attractive to each others under Acapulco Golden enclosing thus choices for not leaving the points where everyone do the mass dance and forbidden activities for the late of summer sunshine using the wicked tuning percussionist living builds songs written as Tangatutanga, Luna Luau, Calaveras Del Justicio, Gatechrasher, Aqua Vulva, Por Un Tubo and Mision Malvarosa or Roqueta to The Moon – embracing beauty white sands, green coconut trees and tits around the bikini babes’ sweaty salty cleavage.

Acapulco Golden: