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Frustration Tiger Boy (Ng Records 1998)

   Stand-up for the real name as Lower East Side Stitches; L.E.S Stitches is your ultimate New Yorker City’s Punk Rock presents that formed in Manhattan from another broken band by Andy Dahill, Curt Gove, Damian Branica, James Baggs, Mick Brown and many more ex-members for this lot ready to take more actions from the streets to your kitchen door by the excellent raw format of Punk Rock local wise and apathy lyrics for the evening of none sing-along anthems for whom whose loyal into Punk Rock forever and through the band’s third album Staja98L.E.S – given the audience an unforgettable experiences over Punk Rock pogo-dance on the streets with thus protesting messages in their lyrics type of things yelling on the microphones about NYC is Dead, Unload Reload, Jungle Man to Disgusted, Parasite or Another Let Down as the force of simple three-chords electric live music on independent music instruments performance capturing almost everything you ever needed for making a story day about Punk Rock just like having L.E.S Stitches on your fucking stereo today. 

A real rebel yell music for rebellious people !