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Friend Heaven (River Girls Records 2016)

   Melodious captures as the harmonic brilliant tunes remarkably given as blessing towards how a simple recording and self-written music can develops onto kinds of more critical tests for this recording went out from the Lower Funk, Lexington (Kentucky) as the physical contents productive creations from our Pop-Bedroom and Couch real Indie Rock local hero: Dr. Paul. Whose actually, not a real doctor but a guitarist and music player covering the blue background for this guitar displaying and singer touch and blue jacket transforming the lesser noisy rock sound bursting too much from Critical Zoo – the album. 

   Between the desert and the autumn wooden area similarity in colors or the average vocals out from him presence on Pop-Country, Folk Punk and World music tunes blended soaring the normal music via Box of Wine, New To Me, Cool Bridge Jump, State Lines or even Attach to Blue and Rafter Queen and Peace for Hubby seems to sense the ideas for keeping the soul mates sticking around while you’re not sober or painting the bright blue skies invisible colors by saying I Love You to your long gone babe – standing again with you in a different country border.

Critical Zoo: