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Fred Savage (Learning Curve Records 2018)

Bumpy bashing riffs and screaming vocals leading the entire roles off this trio of Noise Rock meets Sludge Neanderthal Punk from Olathe/Kansas City members band: Matt Perrin (guitars/vocals), Mike Gustafson (bass) and Sam Hutchinson (drums) reliable for the Holy Terror record looks like the classic MC5 album but sounding further even scarier and dangerous than that.

Ten tracks and black and white photograph of the live band equipments stays to worship Dimebag Darrell and Pantera with Dimebagged, Astro Bastard spacing views of the atmosphere limits and King Shit or Total Recall to Reefer Sadness and Pledge Week may quickly, tells everyone to bow down for these redneck troops Missouri recording shall blast you off the roof through this Bummer and Justin Mantooth production grungy Southern Stoner slams ! 

Holy Terror: