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Folded Perish Ferocity (Testimony Records 2016)

   Witness the well-said and the picture paints for public as the exact time is non-measurable but the grinding growler on Death Metal performing violence, horror and deader showing under thus double crusher drumming and soloist of blasphemous lyrics and themes upon nobody should embracing religious anymore as Demonbreed crossing their fires and warlocks magic as well as more troops of the pagan beliefs shall inherit the planet while the jews and gentiles being slaughtered for good in a battle field.
As the old arabian prophet slaying and beheaded the carpenter messiah of Nazareth within the closing ensemble of everything evil surroundings the altar throne as angel, satan, death and traitor gathering the power of solitude controls among men – roughly, forbid anything but the holy book to follow and thus verses and combinations of fatwa to sharia laws being released like Death Metal rules the underground to the surface as well after all banned but Johannes Pitz (bass), Timo “Borgir” Claas (drums), Ferli Thielmann and Daniel “Mett-God” Jakobi on guitars/vocals as well as Jost “Little” Kleinert on lead vocals pushing the pedigree of blood-spilling and dark spells sharing outdoors as the doomed grotesque Where Gods Come To Die proclaiming that there’s none but one true god which is nobody and everything already creates as birth of character without the beginning or ends just like the bursting themes off Red Countess, Summon The Undead, A Thousand Suns Will Rise, Vultures in The Blood Red Sky or Blood Colored (Edge Sanity cover). Don’t like it if you hate it because (the metal-heads) they’re hating you too – fake assholes !

Where Gods Come To Die: