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Flash Codine (3rd Shift Entertainment 2008)

   Bob E. Nite, Icepick Willie, Juz-10 and Mr. Kitcha must be kinds of your boogie men crew of  Horror Hip-Hop performers releasing their terrifying beats the makes a good betcha for you haunted by them after listening or while the album plays in medium volume like this particular one off Sometimes They Come Back in Horror-Core and parental advisory label sticking out the cover. 

   From Dark Poetry, Secret Ingredients, Butchers Wife, Hopeless Romantikz, Cannibalism and Option Demise baptizing the entire whole releasing from SyckSyde as well as the bonuses to infecting you within the killer-instinct influence like the horde of living dead flesh eater coming towards you tonight. 

Yeah, this ain't just another Gangsta-shit pulling trigger, biatch !

Sometimes They Come Back: