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First Containment (London Records 1997)

   Scientific approved to be elemental on ultimate fear in space and scares activities satisfaction guaranteed as the crew of the rescue vessel Lewis & Clark led by captain Miller received the distress signals that already observed as the lost starship which been seen years mysterious lost or vanished without a trace since the testing experiments they’ve conducted around Neptune casing the responsibility for egine failure, communication breakdown and all missing crew of the ship sucked as the opening rift for the space time continuum leads the hostile sort-of entity entering the inside of Event Horizon.
The voyage to Proxima Centauri turning to sending them right onto hellish kind of place somewhere in another dimension as dispatched team being send to the ship as they’re docking but apparently, strange things started to occurs as the rescue team found out the dead bodies of some crew on that missing ship decaying orbit from its maiden voyage long long time ago; determines the happening to the rest of the people on board reveals thus gravity drive for artificial black hole devices and reactor to bridging time lapse and gates between two points of spacetime reducing astronomical travel by distance as horrid recording on screams and howls filtered as latin words libera me been heard as people screams and bloody face breaking the camera. 
   Massacre and shock waves hurting one of the crew being tossed out onto catatonic stasis state for Justin the engineer as the rest of the crew vessel: lieutenant Starck, smith the pilot, medical tech Peter, rescue tech Cooper and the designer of Event Horizon Dr. Weir seeing also the hallucination as corresponds to their past and worst memories ever happens to them like subordinate abandoned crew with burning body, son that covered his legs with blood, ex-wife without eyes urging everyone to join them in peace. 
A log video found as the creepy atmosphere goes on just being back-up by the Techno-Ambient instrumental scoring songs from the complete works of Michael Kamen and Orbital selections off the motion picture soundtrack divided onto The Forward Decks consisting of First Contact, Core, Metal or Airlock to The Main Access Corridor creates Singularity, Ducts or Turbulence or even Engineering lasted after twenty six minutes more pieced into Bio Scan to Tomb and Outer Door as the tormenting effects loosen as the unknown universe opens by gravity drive gateway and something attempt to kill or luring people onto it as sentient. 
   One by one the crew died terribly gruesome as the more hallucination captures the control on both spaceships and explosion occurs and weir turning mad by vivisecting one of the crew and hunting for more survivals within the instability conditions and ten minutes countdown for the Event Horizon to returning into another dimension as captain Miller must fighting both manifestation of his old dead crew and the resurrecting burnt Weir almost satanic – sacrificing himself as the detonator blows destroying the ships and pulls some section into black hole. 
Starck, Cooper and comatose Justin saved placing inside the rescue pod waiting in stasis to be rescued in seventy-two days later. Terrified horror occurs in front of their eyes as sedative can’t curing the image of horrible Weir visiting them within the newer rescue-team.