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Feed Apologies (European Label Group 2007)

   Annecy/Lyon/Nancy forming group that focusing their aggressive sounds on Punk-Hardcore Rock tension which concluded more English lyrics than Frenchy ones over their second efforts here via the working co-operation between the brains and skills of the members of The Twisted Minds: Alexandre Harle, Clement Meynier, Nicolas Mollin and Nicolas Roux and you don’t know until you got their album about how powerful and brilliant the musical programming planned well for these rock-heads before Jesus really given his blessing on anyone over the blue continent or it’s just a cashback re-payments for your sins repents then released for – another cheating and lied to yourself and the world as being captures onto this Neo Dogmas album; not only just currently edgy, sharp and fast but didn’t forgot to sharing the intentional messages as well as solos displays and melodic overtures via The Rebuke From Mrs. Rice, Files In Webs, Alter Marseillaise, Kids in an Open Jail may sprung tragedy of the criminals and the courtyard relations onto Shadows From The Past are Light in The Future which also spreading a bit manic visions over how the planet produced the populations to be wiped out when they’re raising threads to the mother vessel and then, revolving again for something quite new and different life-forms.

Emotionally, scientific plus little less religious. 

Neo Dogmas: