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Faux Realzz (Dazzleships Records 2018)

   Seminal romantic themes fitting the background of your parents summer of the seventies flower-genre and beyond since the sixties turning the course of Rock N’ Roll like this song in two minutes more by the written rock-tunes popular from Gibby Paul’s So Savage which had the Oakland-based Dream-Pop that active to your demands as the lyrics simply took the less attention for being too damn serious but never fail to encourage the busy/boredom lives of more people needing to find their favorable records just like this one – surprisingly !

   In between the tasks that being invented or builds by the New Wave communion on the late seventies as well as the early eighties conjoint to the figures of king lion and lionesses as the percussion drumming and synth-power rules the circuit of your stereo-system manner screams in not a good-boy ways but much rebels delivered in sounds and dynamic tunes develops adjust through Bang-A-Rang!, Not The Only One, Sun City, My Cathedral and Fire Tiger may ordering your feet to stand up and dance crazy – laughing at the jerky life with your real friends without faking your Rebel Youth trends and party times for fake people opinions. 

So Savage: