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Exile Origin (Bandcamp 2014)

   Jake McCarthy the drummer with guitarist Sean Boland regularly, working together since they’ve met each other and having the same interests in head-banger tunes rocking shows the duo way to meet the complete accomplished bass/vocals figure on Ian McKeon as reheasring and song-written materials not just covers made the trio whose calling themselves as Snowblind (from Dublin, Ireland) didn’t exactly going blind to see and lost their eye-sight but making the group’s total explosion songs for Thrash Metal/Heavy Rock/Doom Progressive and Classic Rock receiving the lines altogether among thus solos melodic and fast or crushing type of chords and patterns technically high values for Existence is Futile over five minutes and fifty minutes to nine seconds recording, mixed or mastered release towards this Heavy Metal fusion jamming tunes of four. 

   Great vocals, high techniques and materials that could be classic touch within To The End in 05:54 or Breaking The Chain smashing for five minutes in length truly, reminds us for the blending of Megadeth and Saxon package in non-existence of Lemmy's Motorhead clothes for the short mini-recording by the timid disruption for timeless counting casualties.