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Everybody Going Get Fixed Up (Lakeshore Records 2018)

   Fixing the false theorist and the conception of how on earth regular common people turning riots rocking the city of angel Los Angeles – the time lapse year is 2028 not far in our near future as Cyberpunk thriller action film brought us following the disgruntled wounded band of thieves and bank robbery after the shoot-out and escaping to the safer haven shelter named Hotel Artemis run by an old nurse Jean Thomas (Jodie Foster) as the outside world flaming by fire and hate triggered by the lack of water as it privatized. Stealing stuff from their hostage along with an expensive looking pen, police encounters and the treatments paid-up in advance members of the criminals can entering the hotel if registered send Sherman and Lev inside as Waikiki and Honolulu with several mysterious guests named Acapulco and Nice whom also having violent background as mercenary and gun dealers as bad introduction or cheap conversation erupts conflicts among them before the real danger comes in form of the incoming call from Crosby Franklin accompanying his father Orin “The Wolf King” Franklin who owns half of the city and more including Hotel Artemis alarming how the pen stolen by them belongs to the mobster and whoever did that to him shall be tortured and ends up dead.
The nurse assistance Everest is a gentle big dude with tattoos and loyal to the rule house of Mrs. Jane to punishing all the lawbreaker customers and no police allowed before Jane Thomas saving her son’s girlfriend – a police woman outside the dark alley next to the hotel from immediate danger rioters. Her son Beau die at his teenager life not by accident but being killed after stealing stuff from The Wolf King as alcoholism and broken life adds more painful to the old woman losing her beloved one and letting her for twenty two years serving to Hotel Artemis, developed severe agoraphobia and never go out since. 
   Practicing medicine, heavily modern and high-tech equipments and generator supplies for supporting the place but all went ablaze as Nice the assassin French girl actually, targeting The Wolf King to slits him as being recorded for her client whose paying much amounts to set the rival bleeding to death. Sherman realizing that he needs to escape but Lev the brother died due to the electric failure after the bomb sets by Nice (Sofia Boutella) as the rest of the gangsters busting in the elevator and walls to save their boss and kill all the customers around but facing the wrath of Everest and Nice in different entrance and exit. Cliff Martinez did his composition tracks written arrangements slightly, solid describing the plot story of the film as the mixture of orchestral eerie sounds and Classic Pop tunes from various artists filling the in betweens such as Gilded Cage (Father John Misty), Elyse Weinberg on City of The Angels and California Dreamin’ from The Mamas and The Papas or Don’t Hang Up on Me, Twenty Ounce Sirloin, Respect Your Elders and Hands off The Gooch or It Smells like Somebody Died in Here feels captured as the continuing story of a rare precious yellow diamonds inside the pen to the escaping fights battle and the rioters group setting the first time the nurse going out again not to going back inside but walk away for helping more people in needs as Sherman drive out separate ways. 
Everest and Nice manage to surviving themselves and maintain to protecting the hotel facing another day tomorrow.