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Else Seek And Destroy (Spinefarm/Universal 2015)

   Hey bastards pleased to meet the band playing Bluegrass and Country-Pop rocking your front porch before some dumb-ass redneck shooting thembecause they’re Finnish people singing the English songs type of music and picking the most legendary favorable ones from millions of tracks and then, for the beginning debut recording sessions will be completely, displaying the picker choices of songs repertoire upon Farm Machine – mixing Folk with World Music and Country/Bluegrass as Grand Opening really caught your attention after it’s ended and formatting the next track from Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog, as goes the next songs being play and performed which the audience might already know like Thunderstruck and The Trooper or Paradise City which always touching the inner city’s prostitution and sexy girls whose not wearing undies when camping to the outdoor’s side of wilderness and meeting the music-heads loving criminals consisting for Irwin Remmel, Pukki Kaalinen, Puikkonen, Hermann and Wild Till Hiltunen (dressing up like they're The Village People) or calling themselves as Steve N’ Seagulls really sounded weird, don’t you think ? 
   Finnish-scene displays is actually, farmers turning metal-heads turning back to cowboys at heart but liking Hard-Rock much equals this results as dreaming colder snowy area surrounding the listeners finding the warmth places like a small pub and drinking ginger-ale and whiskey vodka – imagining the journey their ancestors took as Holy Diver Runs to The Hills and over The Hills and Far Away soon would be make-sense to understands about why Europeans love to travelling farther not just with a pony – escaping the autumn curses. 

Farm Machine: