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El Hongo (Who Can You Trust? 2018)

   Get ready for the more harder stuff recorded by Will “Iceman” Klintberg brought to your stereo for the likes upon ZZ Top, Johnny and Edgar Winter to James Gang and Point Blank gassing up the pulse of rocking militant sessions in good times Boogie Woogie, Woogie Boogie and more of it plus Hard Rock menacing riff-age fixing out the reasons for waiting to best record so far this year as the quartet band members drummer Travis, Ron the guitarist, Adam on vocals/guitar and Neal (bass, vocals) starting the long-fantasized from two rock-heads combining their unification on super-grouping project spawning Pushy of Portland, OR to lightning like blasts thundering grooves and funky tunes mixtures cracking the listeners private area within their rama-lam and bam-bam sounds straight leaving for the new sunrise or sundown via Hard Wish as your lover stare quiet with nothing comes out of her mouth but the background rocking themes tune selections on Nasty Bag, Blacktop, Fannys, If I Cry, Lonesome Entry as well as I’ll Be Gentle and Lay of The Land comes wretched like the rainy storm from afar comes threatening the barren land in fuzz and psychedelic forms. 

Hard Wish: