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Driftless Caravan (Electric Relics Audio Artifacts 2018)

   Progressive Drone in Sabbath-tube meets Neil Young meets Hank Williams as well as Pink Floyd Psych-Country in groovy Desert Rock psychedelic basic closely to heaviness of Denver, Colorado to Nashville background, open as one did press play button for listening to Electric Relics audio album made as recording off Tanner Olson (guitars, vocals, drones, lyrics), Casey Perry (drums, percussion), Mikey Allred (bass, vocals, piano, organ and synthesizer/mellotron/trombone) and Joey Allred (slide guitar, vocals) on the treasure collective masterpiece of true super cool swirling music sounding from Across Tundras’ delighted passion and painting overlooked of a barnyard to the rural area views facing the afternoon horizon in rock moments. 

   Dusty, tumbleweed-ing over gravel roads as well as doomy drops riff-age or nice bits to improvement over organ play to the bashing thumps drumming and melodies to rock hard but also mid-tempo tuning might catch up your imagination following the reveals of shadow to alarm of uncertainty in power intersect as dark audio filler for Den of Poison Snakes, Castaway, Solar Ark, Kiln of First Flame or even Unfortunate Son sparks consciousness for illuminates great pleasure gate-bursting track available from them in about eight minutes and forty-three seconds. 

Electric Relics: