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Dreamscape Permanence (Northern Silence Productions 2018)

   Room filled with sounds rote a little repetition sprawl delicate as raspy backwood’s stuffed shack for lo-fi Black Metal project leading one man cinematic clarity noises grand thoughts and stare-out windows of minds and souls gasping for emerge breathing less extension about should helps carried by this built thoughtful helps of open imaginarium wider following the Progressive Rock and metallic harmonies fusion phase within half depressive and ÚČ╝ shown as the only sign about humanity there erupts the double pedals monotonous rhythmic acts over Post-Rock and Avant-Garde music between thus blossoming Atmospheric Post Black Metal as the unnamed project soloist like Unreqvited for the latest Mosaic I: L’amour Et L’ardeur spawning five tracks available with no vocals or only screaming meaningless through Balance, Radiant or even Sunrise. 

   The blossoming cherry flowers in pinkish beyond the darkest starry night written the messages back for ringing the bells of alarm which tells how female shall inherits the planet once the last man bow down to their will of sexual abuse and slavery within circumcision about others only free-will and mystery reveals.

Mosaic I L'amour Et L'ardeur: