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Drank & Dank (Yung City Slicka 2018)

   Samples to the intro onto the newest Gangsta-themed Rap Music lyrics writing over this mysterious figure standing behind the image of the lord of destruction Darth Vader as dark as violent to easily listening but fits for the themes to shooting people from your other gang-opponents even though the thoughts didn’t always about harsh crimes and punishment to the core mixing there on Skar Warz by Skar himself. 

   More recording tunes rapping all over the show off music within thus intense beats and commercial formats which divided onto your slight or thicker complex and confusing anthems to face the daily sucked lives in front ahead and with the arming lyrics clever, smart and dangerous as mean possible; Slang Work, Give It to Ya (feat. Choko Cash), On Lock to Ain’t Nothing Change or Thirsty really told the listeners audience a very mistakes do happens in our present days and the future as seemed to be concluded in the past but continues to torturing the young kids on the streets whom deserved their fate as gangster and drug-dealers just because they’re not rich and famous or even the status changed – still you will never escaping the facts that you’re born off the gangsta family and Rap/Hip-Hop giving the passport free for you to start looking like one; disturbing peace, fucking those bitches and in fast car driven to shoot the bullets resulting the endless circle of street thug’s revenge – similar to the sequel on the galaxy far far away of Star Wars’ Gangsta Rap society ! 

Skar Warz: