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Diggler Dick (T.Vox Records 2014)

   Remember when the time that you just stuck there hanging, confusing of the kinds of music coming out your stereo system or someone else speakers; like a Nasty-delic sounds of Acid-gressive Rock and more experimental only in three tracks available as similar as when you had a chance to listening for the Ciudad De Mexico’s musical project of Space-Jazz and Rock distorted arranging by Jesus On Dope which an actual secretive project featuring Emmanuel Grooviedelik, The Rebellious Son, Bastard Motherfucker, Rolo Stoned and many more clever weird mixing the lysergic ingredients via the recording of Diabolik; recorded, mixed and mastered by Gabriel Lopez. 

   Let’s viewing the oddity preacher like pop with anonymous configure waiting to prey on hot babe would be a good description for describing Twisted Stranger overrating the symbiosis operations on serving an eight minutes and eleven seconds – sounds of the psychotic desert on the other dimension behind your brain …