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Den Saakaldte (Misanthropy Records 1995)

   Go fucking listen and don’t ever close those ears over the low-beating slower down-tempos and heavy blasting beats off the performance from the Oslo crew Doomey Avant-Garde group founded by Carl-Michael Eide the drummer with Vicotnik on the six-strings stinger as Skoll the bass-basher as picking the path of Asgard earth mythological rainbow bifrost bridge at the end of the magical rainbow as Ved Buens Ende. One shall surprisingly, found this second recording fills in thus mighty riffs as well as melodic harmonies vocals alike to comparison for Alice in Chains or Cathedral visionaries onto heavier tunes collections regardless mainstream critics and continuously Gothic-Rock gripping and Extreme Classic Black Metal via Written In Waters. 

   Don’t stop to head-banging as the selection tracks goes even further crashing the course within the tidal waves complex themes about occult-related realm shown there through Coiled In Wings, Autumn Leaves, Remembrance of Things Past and To Swarm Deserted Away … could leaves the audience a memorable scars for Carrier of Wounds infection inflicts due to the listening moment hypno-therapy.

Written In Waters: