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Dehumanized 02:51 (A World We Never Made 2013)

   The mutation formats via this spikey mohawk-ed Street Pop-Punk blending with Hardcore Ska-trash or Oi! Of cockroach-rebel strikes bursting within Alive the record blasted by the band – Blatoidea quartet comprising on Manu on voice/guitars, Giacco on vocals/bass, Carlo on guitars and drummer Luke; piercing the overlooked ventilation of closed quarter of hidden society like infestation attacks on capitalism and later, smashing it to the ground – like canons shooting the plains to destroy as this debut of Italian/London based group streaming the tracks listed written for their fighting causes as Alive, Graves Nation or Worldwide Drama makes your entire uncomfortable life Punk-Rock and harsh shouts vocals really spawning something hideous the globe might sees years from now.