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Dedication Pay Rent (Not On Label 2018)

   Do nurses can rocks the socks off your filthy mind spreading to head-bang through the musical damaging images of all-girls playing their new roles as Riotgrrrl millennium movements of forever free thinkers and ideas in the Punk-Rock possible tension connected sounds as distortion closer to bursts and riffs are definitely, emerging from the border-less between popular or underground as Wurst Nurse aren’t your west European women of health insurance security meant to be but swagging humor and dark pledging towards the EP releasing tuned of both sided for these four tracks onto what you might calling it as Nurse-Core. 

   Garage Punk to Melbourne-based Alternative Pop crossing the small road to save Rock N’ Roll indie once more but it’s just the beginning for Hot Hot Hot mini album extending kinds of either Hot Surgeon or Hot Brown Rain interconnection failures wisely, told everyone that the mixed recording by Ben David and Casey Rice mastered means nothing sacred but pure amazing to hear. 

Hot Hot Hot EP: