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Da Da Da Da (Slip 2017)

   Unconventional notion habits practices or performance which concerns to operates the images of sound-building characters within the relationship between composer musician Travis Just and Kara Feely the writer and director radicalizing their experimental intersects combination on simultaneously complex or theatrical dense process as the merging views to experience about pedestrian activities around them might turning onto lyrics tales value in cohesion as these progress virtuoso products telling by the duet converge as Object Collection releasing It’s All True musical. 

Stage and screen type of soundtrack on the suburban to urban area thoughts as ideas flown for spoken words to broadway plays must be listening by the audience as pure artistic performance blended towards closed eyes and craze behavior written to rock the joints and captured the feelings of normal ordinary men without thicker layers of pretension added. 

   One shall feel confusing to have longer time listening for Loss of Momentum, Children Dressed as Fish, One Thousand Sorties, Ice Cream Motherfucker, What’s The Problem, It’s Time to Expand The Definition or Victory Parade really caught something awful fun to always watched by and more fueled temptations and formats shall driving you for lessons to learn shortly, since the started album play did regrets some customers whose too silly to understands ! 

It's All True: