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Cycles Are Vicious (Self-Released 2012)

   Improvising the Folk-Jazz music as Rock N’ Roll experimental instrumentals by the formation talents of Meredith Bates (violin), Cat Toren (piano), Cole Schmidt (guitars), Russell Sholberg (bass) and Ben Brown (drums) with the producer Chris Gestrin mixeing and mastering the record off this Juno award winner group Pugs and Crows ensemble from Vancouver, British Columbia telling their non-vocals semaphore musical products on Fantastic Pictures in seems like told the stories of old filming and natural surroundings through the eclectic figures of tunes among Hibernation, We Must Befriend The Ice Queen, Sam and Sara, Talkin’ Fish Instead, Rats That Now Star and more to be introduced via Bitter Cup and Like The Clouds within thus variety of four minutes tops to six minutes more welcome and overcome the fear to finding peaceful not regrets for the assembly live music instruments played by the group of musicians like them. 

Trees and silent would holds the grudge for better or worst or even bench sitting loyalty towards quirky layers of hybrid Classical Canadian style lesser popularity but gaining the will of proving themselves on making tiniest slow tunes of melodies attract the audience by the count of three. Lovely album for Jazz lovers universal. 

Fantastic Pictures: