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Cutting The Rope (Twentieth Century Fox 2004)


A science-fiction disaster film depicts the climate changes following the disruption of the north atlantic ocean circulation turns to catastrophic events all across the world as series of weather anomalies and extreme weather to cooling down leads to a new ice age within special effects and good casting from Dennis Quaid, Jake Gyllenhaal and Emmy Rossum as Jack Hall the paleoclimatologist with colleagues Frank and Jason drilling core sample in a remote location somewhere on Larsen Ice Shelf as it breaks horrendously.
The warning at UN conference in New Delhi and concerns about more climate disaster might occurs as facts dismissed by the vice president but the Hedland center Soctland knows about how the temperature suddenly drop effects within buoys on atlantic ocean as well as NASA meteorologist Janet build the forecast model system to develops the signs of danger because public should know about it too. 
   Massive collective storms on the northern hemisphere splitting super-cell storming on Canada, Scotland and Siberia fully frozen everything as the temperature drops to minus 150 degrees and troposphere hurricane causing it while Nova Scotia sea level rising as Tokyo got hit by gigantic hail storm or Los Angeles suffering from worsen attack of tornados outbreak while president hopelessly issued grounding all traffic with FAA. 
Sam and friends are participating for an academic decathlon in New York when the weather turns progressively, violent and soon the Grand Central Station being flooded as the giant tsunami swipe the city in unspeakable devastation leaving some thousand survivors either trapped there or getting out in evacuation to mexico as superstorm approaching Sam and friends and other survivalists inside the sheltering public library waiting to be rescued. 
The frozen surroundings, the giant cargo ghost-ship floating  and the blood poisoning of Laura force the boys to go outside finding antidote before being chased by hungry wolf pack while Jack is on his way to saving his son no matter what. 
   Harald Kloser original motion picture soundtrack score music being by melodies and harmonic taste of calamity or hope finds the way to correcting the wrongs or doing better things via the cataclysm facts about Tornado Warning, Tidal Wave, Body Heat, Rio Grande, Blizzard, Superfreeze onto The Human Spirit or President’s Speech addressing the nation to holding on or reaching out helping each other while still can as Jack’s team must facing the broken window glass to freezing to death cold waves they must avoid or even sheltering in an abandoned fast-food restaurant before the chilly cold strikes and kill your friends. 
Books are burning for keeping heat alive inside the Library as days later some people including Sam being luckily, discovered and survived as ignorance and apologize once again remembered in regret. 

The ISS astronauts in awe seeing thus frozen planet – free of pollution …