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Could Be Worse Dare (429 Records 2008)

   Born as Ifar Barzelay but then this Israeli-American musician/singer and song-writer from Tel-Aviv moving to Teaneck, New Jersey and who would have known how talented the man himself becomes grown good track arranger and music-maker like the next Paul Westerberg releasing the second recording as Eef Barzelay in Lose Big whilst not trying to gamble to the life itself but experience themed written and shared onto a format of Folk-Rock or Indie Pop tunes as the subtraction level for the changing games for the rabbit on shooting the hunter finally or it just stole away the sleeping man’s long-rifle helped by the warmth of the sun lullabying the oppressor – kinds of fable story and more tracks showing there in most softer, slower or just mid-tempo catchy and wearing wiser words lyrics to tell for the world to sharing them after the listening. 

   Good intentions, social-politic and magic myth to further modern popular sounds and advance ideas got to be listed on thus songs of the man for The Gorls Don’t Care, Apocalyptic Friend, Make Another Tree, True Freedom, Song For Batya and bonus like I Love The Unknown may selecting some clever ears to assuring the meaningful theories turns to reality-check on preservation not natural exploitation. 

Stop what you’re doing to them ! 

Lose Big: