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Commonality No (Agipunk 2015)

   Screamo-Rock plus Riotgrrl attitudes mixed onto one particular rebellious danger recording by these Oakland, California D-Beat Hardcore Punk crew of the mixture gender members: Giancomo Zatti (drums), Ethan on vocals, Jasmine (bass) and Ktru/Keeth on guitars will blasting you up the face and soul jumps scared as the harsh language lyrics protests and molten metallic short kicks shall definitely, destroys the audiences by the mosh-pit furor and thus feminism/straight edge/vegan and free-thoughts of anti-establishment through Sono Pronta A Morire (I Am Prepared and Ready To Die) did a quite bashing to the conservatives to hate this unit of Torso by the name. 

   Closing to seminal Thrash-Crossover and Heavy Metal on loudest Punk 101 depressive anger themes written as Pigeonholed, Eating Scraps, Accepted Forms of Manipulation, Will You Float?, Everyone is Sick and Solutions According to The Opulent gets the related vision back where religious bigots and authority of lies in the name of heavenly kingdom by the book burns the executing witch-suspects women to the stake is similar to what happens today now on your television. 

Sono Pronta a Morire: