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Colosse De Rhodes (Self-Released 2018)

   Duo vagabonds liked where the tunes of traditional of the East meets the modern progressive Folk of the West in one bowl as Cyril Yeterian and Cyril Bondi performing their unity music towards the call of themselves as Cyril Cyril for being ghost without borders celebrating accomplice seekers for differences and mutual baggage of the same boat within this non-favorable far from commercial and closer to real World Music taste as populous playing narrow clubs or pitched the summoning of hippie guiding spirits based on nature’s greatness and wiser old paths shown or written to the seismic trance of either taken from the Berbers, the culture of Neguses and even utopia luxuriant in peace of music through this Certaine Ruines giving the audience some awesome meditating to explorations of sounds conjunction inviting everyone to start their adventure via Samarcande, Sous La Mer C’est Calme, La Ville, Tamam, La Vide or even Sayyara or Ultra Moderne Solitude 2 that will infecting one to love traditional tunes.

Certaine Ruines: