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Coin Crusher Guyz (Not On Label 2013)

Can resting but annoyed for your eternity as sounds of Electronic melodies by chaotic aspects grim besides the ordinary Metal-Core to Grindcore fusion lies there within the performance of Philadelphia duo mixing their likely total for Nintendocore and Extreme Metal music comprising down towards the display rocks off by Cory Curly Swope on vocals/gameboy to Jeff brown on guitars/drum programming as ZombieShark! bursting the non-innocent and anti-sweeter tension via this third recording album in Bridge Burner as Chiptune, Deathcore, Synth-Pop and experimental Electro-Core comes with the gruesome figure of a mutation sea predator and humanoid looks searching for victims around. 

Nearby or farther distant; one shall really feel a little bit disturbing through the essential blast and explosive metallic riffs and drumming madness mixed with gaming session tunes which equals such an infection addictive atmosphere to turn on your favorite games by listening to C-c-Chain Chomp!, The Mild Mild East, Death Mountain, Le Purgatoire De La Jeunesse and Pissing Off The Natives will leaving your life in more misery under the cyber-death, buds ! 

Bridge Burner: