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Chicora Paradise (Leftish Nautical Antiques 2009)

   Burning Rivers, TV Flickers, Drifting Off To Bed sending the imaginative moments for someone to visualizing Portland, Oregon forestry and the rural sites as Campfires released their first debut within the cassette format in a digital disc era. The Folkish melodies as well as the anthemic rhythms persuasion from the band members process of performance as Mike Hendo (vocals), Rhuiridh Walker (drums), Stephen Napier and Stefan Scott (guitars) and Craig Donald (bass) truly, makes their Aberdeen home country-based brought to life within this musical project progress on North-East Pop-Punk genre out of seminal acoustic and live instruments collective works. 
   As rockets or trees or anything taller than yourself and the singing band with audience would gladly be there to draw as coloring figures of many outer-space explorers towards the dead forest-trees makes sense to commenting about the crescent moon’s intrigues paid within the full served Alternative Rock popular distortions by the sounds taken for granted off the vocals or non-humans jamming sessions left by the talented smart rockers of Campfires. 
   Choose well and favorites onto your self-pick onto these nine songs like Air Raid, It’s Been So Long, Tired Old Sun, Portsmouth Daydream Supper as invitation may occurs under your front door last week or not necessarily, just consumes thus Pilot Dreams and Easy Orchard offers freely to your ears to sensing the ability values about courage, romance, relationship and sorrow off kinds for the likes on Simon and Garfunkel mashed out in a bowl with too much Psych-Pop Psychedelic or harmonic Lo-Fi Garage presence.

Burning Rivers, TV Flickers, Drifting Off To Bed: