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Chakura Chakra (Independent 2015)

   Strange how a Madrid, Spain’s Hip-Hop crew off this Ummo duo or more with the essence themed taken from the Japanese writing novel and heritage mixed as Sagan Ummo, Mr. Mill and Woa landed on earth from their home planet Wolf 242 planeta system; in principle to learning more about the new place culture and meet the interests through Hip-Hop and Japanese arts which returns to the original catalogs album release within Kamen No Kokuhaku or Confessions of a Mask really means terrifying thoughts or the heroic or terror reveals onto the kinds of gigantic monsters and figure of destruction as the three minutes and forty-five seconds first songs opener the next following of Doku (ft. Veneno Manuel) or Kong being captured within two minutes and twenty-four seconds of flowing lyrics onto Rap Gangsta and Latino roots beats battling the diminish town filled with the invasion of flying saucer and huge creatures scary enough to make children cries aloud.

Rapping the external emphasis and empathized feelings around how your world needs a culture shock and Rap/Hip-Hop got the stinging things on doing it quick !