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Cavities Forced (Modern Decadence 2018)

   By the power of destruction and mayhem of damned Noise-Electro experiments combines within Industrial Death to harsh and vandalism arts which brought the excellent total annihilation growler meets Grind-core terror-muzzak off the explorations recording by Sodomy From beyond that carries provocative works and metallic blasts in such a very underground to the bone mixtures resulting nothing but meaningless screaming vocals out of anger and waves on devastation in front of your eyes threatening right from whether the darker hole of the universal dimension, prophecy which long forgotten and even the tiniest wounds infected by the mutated virus gave the audience slower type of non-dignity and warmly got themselves around the circle of infection as Skull Crashed and Then Dismembered For Sexual Purposes to Terrified Faces Collector, Monumental Necrolatry and Smell of Innocence shocking the contemporary minded person whose pressing play and caught in a booby trap named Triumph Of The Hunter as its victim. 

Triumph Of The Hunter: