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Casigly Chonzo (Major Letdown Records 2016)

   After hundred days and unexpected policies made by him and his administrations to renewing America to be greater again; the next level of waving protests onto his face for the ego-selfish and defunct words of hatred swirls around the media wars and cover-up events means only a sold out underground music concept from Jake Christiansen (FUBAR) spawn terrifying repulsion blasts off this non-benefit recording attacking our mister president in Various Artists Rock Against Trump which means Donald sir should reconsidering his own safety when Punk-Rock and Street Hardcore of domestic violence already screaming their voices out of their lungs over the local shelters, anti-republican spots and headquarters of every immigrant community services roaming mad to his racist idioms and ideas and taken granted for these lesser known bands like Trucksaurus, Trick Punch, Stereoshifter, Rotten Blue Menace or Fist Thrower onto Nake At The Laundromat soaring those themed fighting struggles missions by the staging anger tense progressing lyrics and dumb melodies to strongly, advising the youth not to continuously, voting for yes on the man whom only thinks about how to make greedy money more and squeezing the lower class by spreading hate issues among the unites. Listening to the mosh-pit anthems to die for and broke yourself via Sharone &The Wind on Fuck The Government, We Are Doom’s G.D.S, GUTS for Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Rhetoric as well as The Couch Bombs until Smashy Crew as well as Crust-E The Kat or The Windermeres and Japmuff all over the entire fifty-three tracks and bands loyally, correcting their views in race against time to showing how wrong is the quickly avalanche being shown or told by the new elected monsters led by D. Trump and donates this efforts for local Denver victims for domestic violence and children as amazing punches works well if everyone would joining the cause for greater good not just talks but actions over the impeachment by the people against tyranny. 

Rotten Reputation tells us to never again – Don’t Vote for Donald Trump even if it’s too damn late but better than doing nothing.