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Canyon Other (Self-Released 2016)

   These instrumental Ambient on Post-Rock to New Age giving you the impressions of Saint Petersburg weather during the edge of the end of the November as intentions expands off the couple young musicians project writing music as imagination and ideas of sense in harmony might catch the inner beauty without any vocalizations added. The outer universe and miniature life evokes as invokes the variety of emotions tales being spreading peacefully, in a non-gender situations calculated but never meant to prophecies anything as Follow The Compass of Russia’s Alternative silent group sharing this musical record as simply as Inside. 

   Fully soft bass-line grooves smothered onto the keyboards enhancements collectively speaks to the audience like a story-teller upon Air Space, One Moment, Between The Lines, As Time Goes or Interstellar Theme that reflects our days and losses timing wrapped into a booklet of musical harmony package but no more humans evolved or involving there as the new era counts by the nature grows back to its highest stability kindness for kingdom come ideas.