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Calm In The Storm (Pluto Records 2006)

   The formation by the time this Metalcore album – We Sail At Dawn being released was vocalist Dale Dupree, Brandon Pangle (vocals), guitar double fucking shreds by Josh Lightfoot and Eric Crossley to bassist Zack Fortune and Jake Caramanico on drums; pulling the inner-self blends of the most extreme music sounds metallic and destructive to pick as Imperial the band leaving their place somewhere in Orlando to heading for the imminent elusive abandoned ex-modern city in Texas area using small sailing boat. 
Scrapping for something valuable there as the threats from any kinds of danger lurking inside the place – from cannibals, mutants, living-dead or even unspeakable monster that god did not creates; will facing the sailor by himself eager to tell his inner sanity to be brave because of the secret mission don’t tell growling to stop screaming out or be quiet driven within the display amounts of metallic visions among Last Sunrise, The Beginning, Remember Hell, With Blood Comes Cleansing, Drinking Wine From The Wounds of Our Dead Wives, Allura and In Ashes I Leave might discussing how on earth some life of someone going to end in time of uncertainty. 

Beyond intensity and inspired Hardcore top notch and unique memorable attacks countable matters for you to die for.

We Sail At Dawn: