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Butter Cup Peanut Awake (Silber Records 2011)

   Brian John Mitchell had in his mind – a terrible sour picturing over talents wasted and gathering of tunes irresistible to compromised for a quite one single time shortly close within the energetic ideas spreading like burst explosions of frontal experiments term towards Electronic Post-Punk or Drone and Post-Rock progressive sounds meet the melts of existence living of the green figure lost its hopes and ways by the stopping clocks over the universal smaller pressures acts of music making. Twelve seminal depression Goth-Pop and Electronic Industrial musical tracks written and arranged there inside Scars Bring Hope seems to be hopelessly lied to themselves as the singer and multi-instrumentalist man himself slipping deeper onto a kinds of suicidal messaging signs through thus overthrown Let Me Die with a Coin in My Pocket, Let’s Fall in Love, Protector of Builder of Airplanes, We Come From The Sea and Static in Motion or The Future of Man makes the reluctant feelings for the listeners felt terribly romantic dying as achieved on a shot from My Brother’s Guns & Knives; like Led Zeppelin only with one personnel recordings.

Scars Bring Hope: