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Bow 04:36 (Not On Label 2016)

   Ben McLeod producing, writing, recording and programming his destructive soundtrack like a fucking blaster away to exploding your position from the safer point to a junkyard crushing shit annihilation above stupidity and fucker’s comments as this driven music and great riffs shaking the listeners audible realm and truly heavy for head-banging like your old-school Death Metal phase ridicule tracks made creations at the witching hour modernity somewhere around Nashville, Tennessee spaying on anyone’s fear to themselves or instrumental project furor thrills on Inflamed album by Woodsplitter as well as the scary artworks as picturing the primitive raw metallic sounds through the displays on dangerous atmosphere caught within the mystic thrashing trance and Progressive Stoner Metal/Industrial music on Liturgy, Shipwreck’d, Pile, Fatty’s Waltz, and The Weather Outside is Frightful as monotonously – at some points might encourage you to stop listening and checking the condition outside your window room. In case, there’s something seems to be not right happening tomorrow …