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Bonen Hood Mayte (Avalon 2002)

   Aldous Byron Valensia Clarkson wouldn’t be that too famous for you but his catalogs off the musical experience plus experiments for originalities and covers comes within this multi-instrumentalist Dutch songwriter and singer whose also playing the main roles with Robby Valentine to others as one of his single hits goes worldwide known one day over success since the asia region remains this man’s reigning ground starts and finishing the metal majestic on Symphonic Rock performance with brother David Clarkson, Amber, Andy Bonitos to Gerrit Hiemstra, Fiepe Zijlstra and Tjeerd Brandsma and many more talented names towards projects or soloist recording just like this example via the seventh album – simply, called The Blue Album. 

   Among the kingdom of love and kindness and loyalty for Rock Music; one with the other audience should gladly, listening to Goodnight Orion, Alyssa, Hello Pianist as well as The Flying Dutchfan, The Line and Life is a Killer and Inshallah recorded by Valensia daring the likes for not only Pop-Rock and Heavy Metal but as well traditional compositions and more explorations soften but never fails to filling space in harmonic melodies through the tunes listing. 

The Blue Album: