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Bobby Archies (Shit Krystal Records 2018)

   Acclaiming duo couple looks like the skinnier version of Meatloaf brought his beloved girlfriend to making music not just sweet love sensually, independent but catchy Folkish sweeter like candy bars and moog harmonies doing some miserable living for Power-Pop to taking control and grips over twelve track-listing written by the performers: Bill Rosseau (vocals, guitars), Dahlia Gallin Ramirez (vocals, keyboards), Charley Hine on bass and drummer Elliot Kiger with Alex De Carville and Dave Scheff improving the project leading sessions from Billy & Dolly on the releasing of Five Suns.

   Not really copying thus third album artworks idea off Led Zeppelin III because the musical inside it didn’t closely, related but having some kinds of connection towards the seventies and the sixties era psychedelic fusions to the listeners on enjoying the mesmerizing thoughts or tales via Sunlight From Another Life, Setting Sun, Everything is Off, Marooned onto Lost Your Aim as well as Want It and Next Invasion – exactly, tremendous to put the good spell on modern pop-rock severed pieces by pieces injecting by the old custom cultural values there right from San Francisco. 

Five Suns: