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Bloom Home Song (Copper Mouth/Making New Enemies 2018)

   Between the rioting keyboards runs amok in harmonic delivery or thus compatible melodies off the recapturing blends towards Big Star, Television, The Beatles and Beach Boys trying to jumps over things in the living room straight to the kitchen and tape hissing from the porch cannot covers the tuning guitars in jangle modes for these Barkeley/Tokyo’s collective group founded by Jojo Brandel, Bernie Gelman and their friends whose directly – clashing the facts on collaborates Crosby, Stills and Nash with Cap n’ Jazz equals this Curling project to you.

   Into the correct entrance for Definitely Band the album; unlimited music may sounding immediate and sparkles as Athens statue people goes modern urban to lived and problems started to facing them from bubble-gumming moment, display of nudity censored; sleeping late or melting pot cultures did not avoiding thus smiles to kept coming while new sounds of gnashing guitars, pushed striving and different approaches collecting the tinged jangle-based greatness over Evaporation, Flutter, Still Green, Mallow, Radio King to Four – Pleasure gripping the ears in which colors of Alternative Rock fells right to be rewind again ! 

Definitely Band: