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Blank State Theory (Indecision Records 2018)

   Short-fused like the one of thus burning traditional bombs from the old battle wars of the ancient and middle ages perhaps, but spiritually – the course on curses lyrics protesting as incentive beyond the crematory bold seminal anger meets hatred protesting missions from San Diego, California serving the interests within all rights for picking a fight within the releasing of facts and misfortunes among crashing crusty fast Hardcore music of the punk of the punks and danger drumming, riff-age that slashing sharpen or many more stomping ground anthems for kicking for screaming by the letting go further blasts commencing through Going Blue, Death Acceptance, Nailed to The Next, Social Capital and Half Mast or makes your citizenship on cloning Dehumanizer within seconds and more seconds approaching as fighters crossing the enemies to the last blood drops and roaming vocals doesn’t get too dim as soon as the smokes clearer which Bayonet commits their suicidal mission originated from New Jersey featured Buddy Nielsen, Jeremy Comitas, Will Putney and Paul Klein doing their Melodic Hardcore for the United States of Underground Rock with their eyes ready to kill.

Total Massacre: