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Beretta Ann Blades (Solidarity Recordings 2013)

   Red is the eccentric and sensual color of the interesting kiss vows or landed onto yours which Punk-Rock resurrections genre must be awakening back here and did their must working titled on one of the most underrated group of New Wave girls rocking in all of Classical Pop-Rock times history as V/A Our Lips Are Sealed – A Tribute to The Go Go’s thanking the reasons and background cause for effects that already sent out spreading for sonce the day the girls of California Alternative-Pop dreams themed the hundreds of listeners by ages in such amazing ways like the bands before them did it too well.

   Translates on whatever you wanted to calling this starts the super excitements emails, friendships and texts as pleasure, creating the record to happened from the catchy tunes, magic riffs simplicity onto thus romance choruses waving the air from radio stations and television channels and younger bands like Masked Intruder, Cobra Skull, Lipstick Homicide and many more soaring distorts and performance honoring their favorite group songs singing aloud How Much More, Heads Over Heels, Vacation, The Whole World Lost Its Head, We Got The Beat, This Town and much band’s names you’ve never heard before as Vacation Bible School, The Shell Corporation, Great Apes, The Hot Toddies and Street Eaters giving the genre treatment towards Power-Pop and Punk-Pop fun tipping vibrant from San Diego area.