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Benz Truck (Awal 2017)

   Live short in the process to die young for the fentanyl overdose perhaps, didn’t cross the mind of a street-talent man like Gustav Elijah “Gus” Ahr staging his performance name under the moniker infamous Lil’ Peep as an American rapper also song-writer, singer and producer into his own styled call Post-Emo Revival Hip-Hop. 

   As been told via the contradict themed recording of the man himself portraying like a suicidal pose photographic for the front cover artworks giving the audience chills which recommended towards the influential sounds for the Nu-Modern Gangsta Rap fusion as well as Hip-Hop in force fully emotional through the way Come Over When You’re Sober Pt. 1 within the track-listing communicates lyrics of story-telling that pumps the echoed rapping flown from him on Awful Things, Save That Shit, U Said, The Brightside and Problems did suggesting the personality to move on from the addiction under pain and stressed out thoughts after the straight fame attacks onto the new wave of white rappers of united American states stealing some commotions on the airplay from the original generated roots of the black music and continues – even needing more martyrs out of it. 

Come Over When You're Sober Pt.1: